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Our Expertise: limitless opportunities

Step into the realm of boundless visual opportunities with JNINE, where you’ll uncover a universe of all-encompassing LED display solutions. As trailblazers in the field of all-in-one solutions, we grant the power to businesses, groups, and individuals, enabling them to enthrall, convey, and spark inspiration through state-of-the-art LED innovation.

We establish connections among individuals, captivate audiences, and drive transformative outcomes.

Anshma Pouranik

Founder & CEO

Rohit Nama

Founder & CEO

Vinay Singh Jadon

Founder & CEO

Comprehensive Solutions:

Say goodbye to the era of managing numerous vendors and disjointed services. Our array of services is all-encompassing, spanning from initial consultation and design to production, setup, and continuous assistance. Our unwavering dedication to serving as a genuine all-in-one solution ensures that our clients enjoy a smooth and trouble-free journey. Through our holistic strategy, you can concentrate on your vision as we manage every facet of turning it into reality.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

In the realm of LED displays, maintaining a leading position necessitates embracing innovation. Fondgear takes pride in its continuous presence at the vanguard of technological trends. Through our collaborations with top-tier manufacturers in the industry, we bring forth the most recent breakthroughs in LED technology. This assurance guarantees that your displays not only exude visual brilliance but also possess qualities of energy efficiency, longevity, and readiness for the future.

End-to-End Support:

Our dedication to your triumph extends far beyond the installation phase. We deliver all-encompassing post-installation assistance, encompassing maintenance, updates, and technical support. Recognizing that your LED displays are an investment, we remain resolute in our commitment to keep them radiating brilliance for an extended span, well beyond their initial setup.

Join the LED Revolution:

In our visually focused world, LED displays are crucial for contemporary communication. Whether you're reshaping spaces, connecting with audiences, or boosting brand visibility, Fondgear is your LED revolution partner. Our goal is to bring your vision to life, crafting striking, impactful LED solutions that leave a lasting impression.

What We Value



Our drive is to bring about significant transformations. Innovation is fueled by individuals and designed for the masses. Technology serves as an empowering tool, aiding us in attaining our goals.



Embracing a spirit of collaboration, we’ve cultivated a realm of digital encounters. Our strategy revolves around teamwork before competition within the market arena.



Our aim is to bring about impactful transformations, with innovation fueled and directed by people, ultimately benefiting people. Technology serves as a facilitator, a means to accomplish our goals.

Our Approach



Cultivating an empathetic culture through ongoing dialogues and consistent engagement with stakeholders.



The spontaneous ignition of our imagination sparks innovation, enjoyment, and boundless possibilities!



Create revolutionary digital encounters that link, enthrall, and empower users.



We implement experiences that emphasize usability, accessibility, innovation, and feedback to continuously enhance user satisfaction.

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